SCM Portal

SCMP is an online supply chain management platform that combines advanced supply chain management methods with modern Internet technologies include complex quotation management processes in the manufacturing industry.
Based on the RFQ Project, SCMP quickly processes Bill of Material's complex product quotes and processes for bidding, price selection, price control, supplier evaluation, etc. for the manufacturing purchasing business Process to provide quantifiable indicators and customizable approval process to improve data accuracy, so that companies based on the global market to find more competitive materials scopes and improve response speed. The implementation of the system helps to promote adequate market competition, helps to quickly present quotation plans to end customers and helps companies provide high-quality product delivery services.

Through this platform, enterprises can directly exchange information and collaborate with upstream and downstream enterprises so as to enhance the operation efficiency of the whole supply chain and integrate customers and suppliers into the value chain of the enterprise so as to make up for the traditional ERP and PDM / PLM systems Insufficient.


Rapid response to process complex BOM-based product quotes, accurately control scope, margin & profit, discount, promote sales.

  • Material
  • Labor
  • Overhead

Volume purchase agreements (VPAs) are contracts negotiated with direct material suppliers based on a company’s global demand or estimated usage of parts over a period of time. Electronic manufacturers that consistently employ a VPA negotiation cycle secure the most competitive prices on their upcoming demand for the next fiscal period. Unfortunately, preparing the data and information needed from a wide range of heterogeneous systems, relevant business units, and geographies, make the enormity of such a task the most common reason that companies fail to get the VPA process completed on a consistent cycle. The resulting business dilemma is that a previous, competitive, price erodes over time and the business is contractually paying prices that exceed the current market pricing.


Provide measureable factors and control flow to promote full market-oriented competition for raw material purchase, improve the quality of delivered products.

  • Unit Price
  • Lead Time
  • MOQ
  • Quality
  • Technical
  • Response
  • Environment
  • Customer Appointed
  • Past Performance
  • Financial Stability
System Advantages

Companies specializing in manufacturing supply chain management software industry, the manufacturing supply chain management process objective and controllable factors to quantify the process of systematic, the upstream customers and downstream suppliers into the enterprise value chain to achieve by the enterprise Internet To the industry by leaps and bounds to promote sunshine procurement, saving scopes for enterprises, completely subvert the traditional manufacturing industry price control and price formation mechanism to enhance the overall competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.

  • Process Flow Control
  • Total cost of Ownership
  • Cost Roll-up
  • Time To Market
  • Pricing Mechanism
  • Price Control
  • Material Labor Overhead
  • RFQ Project Management
  • Stategic Sourcing
  • Data Integration
  • Users

    Local Deployment


  • 1~29

    ¥ 426,000

    ¥ 197,200

  • 30~49

    ¥ 509,000

    ¥ 333,200

  • 50~99

    ¥ 888,000

    ¥ 673,200

  • 100~199

    ¥ 1,555,000

    ¥ 1,353,200

  • 200~800

    ¥ 1,999,000

    ¥ 5,444,000

  • 800+

    ¥ 2,220,000

Price plan: based on the number of business users include internal users and external suppliers, 20 suppliers convert into 1 internal users. 20 users at least.

Software features and scope

  • 1) RFQ project management;
  • 2) Supplier development, management, questionnaire and performance rating;
  • 3) product configuration, link card, bill of materials;
  • 4) product cost, profit margin adder;
  • 5) closed-loop e-biding;
  • 6) price and discount control;
  • 7) Sample evaluation;
  • 8) Supplier CAR;
  • 9) Volume purchase agreement;
  • 10) News Master;
  • 11) e-Work flow & todo list;
  • 12) Query Market, Analyse and reporting;
  • 13) Webservice data interaction with RESTful method, including item, BOM, price list, supplier master and customer master data etc.
  • Applicable Industries

  • Product Delivery

  • Labor Estimation

  • MLO

Applicable Industries

Customization for manufacturing industry. Rapid Response, Rapid Sales.

  • OEM
  • ODM
  • EMS
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